Dallas ISD outpaces other urban school districts on AP exams


Recent Advanced Placement (AP) exam results indicate Dallas ISD is outperforming other large urban districts according the National Math and Science Initiative. A minority student in Dallas ISD is more than twice as likely to earn a qualifying score of three or higher on an AP exam as in any other large urban school district in the country. AP exams are an end of year assessment in core areas that allow students to earn college credit and passing the exams is an indicator of college readiness.

Results also show overall districtwide improvement on all AP exam scores. Evidence of marked progress includes a 14 percent increase in the total number of students taking and passing math, science, and English AP exams. In the 2012-2013 school year, 2,312 students passed one or more AP exams compared to 2,637 in 2013-2014, an increase of 325 qualifying scores.

The exams, which cost approximately $80 each, are funded through a partnership with the National Math and Science Initiative and Texas Instruments. Thanks to the partnership, more Dallas ISD students have an opportunity to take AP exams and earn college credit.

Texas Instruments Foundation Director Ann Pomykal told the National Math and Science Initiative, “We’ve seen the College Readiness Program make a positive impact on Dallas ISD students’ success in rigorous coursework.

Last week Dallas ISD highlighted minority students’ performance on AP exams in Part One: Dallas ISD minority students lead in AP performance. Student performance on the exams equated to approximately $2.1 million in college tuition savings.


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