Dallas ISD kicks off three-week effort to provide every elementary student with an iPad or Chromebook


Dallas ISD gave out about 4,000 iPads and Chromebooks to elementary students at 16 schools on Aug. 17, kicking off a three-week effort to provide every elementary school student with a device prior to the start of school on Sept. 8.

Parents each receive a backpack of supplies for each student. Inside that backpack is the assigned computing device, charger, earbuds, a mobile Internet hotspot if the student doesn’t have access to the Internet at home, and basic instructions in both English and Spanish for logging in and how to get technical support.

Parents with a student enrolled at the campus do not need to separately register to pick up a device. A parent with questions regarding their child’s enrollment status at the campus should contact the school directly.

Elementary schools will hold makeup distribution date for families who can’t make it to the school’s assigned day or had not enrolled in the school prior to distribution date. Due to the physical constraints of school driveways and potential traffic impacts, many elementary schools are now holding the device distributions inside the campus. Social distancing best practices are implemented inside the school for device pickup. Families who wish to remain outside the campus to pickup the device can let a district representative at the campus know and will be accommodated.

Each Dallas ISD secondary student should already have been provided a computing device and, if requested, a mobile Internet hotspot. For secondary students who are new to the district–or need their device repaired or replaced–the district will hold events prior to the start of school.

Any Dallas ISD family needing Internet connection can go here for the mobile hotspot request form.

Dallas ISD IT staff will be on elementary campuses from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. and distribute the devices based on the below time frames:

PK-K 9am-10am
1st-2nd 10am-11am
Lunch Break 11am-12pm
3rd-4th 12pm-1pm
5th-6th 1pm-2pm
7th-8th 2pm-3pm
Walk Ins  3pm – 5pm


Here is the elementary school distribution schedule.

Aug. 18

  • Carpenter Elementary
  • Carr Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Arts Academy
  • Dunbar Elementary
  • Hotchkiss Elementary
  • Auburn Elementary
  • Rhoads Elementary
  • San Jacinto Elementary
  • Terry Elementary
  • Titche Elementary
  • Weiss Elementary
  • Birdie Alexander Elementary
  • Cigarroa Elementary
  • Medrano Elementary
  • Ida B. Wells Montessori

Aug. 19

  • Burleson Elementary
  • L.O. Donald Elementary School
  • Foster Elementary
  • Hall Elementary
  • Hogg Elementary
  • Mockingbird Elementary
  • Lakewood Elementary
  • Geneva Heights Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Pease Elementary
  • KB Polk Center for Academically TAG
  • Charles Rice Learning Center
  • Stevens Park Elementary
  • Webster Elementary
  • Guzick, Frank Elementary
  • De Zavala Elementary

Aug. 20

  • Casa View Elementary
  • Gill Elementary
  • Henderson Elementary
  • Larry Smith Elementary
  • Knight Elementary
  • Kramer Elementary
  • Brashear Elementary
  • Lipscomb Elementary
  • Reagan Elementary
  • Walnut Hill Elementary
  • JP Starks STEM Vanguard
  • Martinez Elementary
  • Botello Elementary

Aug. 21

  • Adams, JQ Elementary
  • Arcadia Park Elementary
  • Cowart ES
  • George Bannerman Dealey
  • Ervin Elementary
  • Ireland Elementary
  • Pershing Elementary
  • Preston Hollow Elementary
  • Reinhardt Elementary
  • Stemmons Elementary
  • Douglass Elementary
  • Moreno Elementary
  • Bethune Elementary
  • Tolbert Elementary
  • Anne Frank Elementary
  • Highland Meadows Elementary

Aug. 24

  • Budd, Harrell Elementary
  • Zaragoza Elementary
  • Jordan Elementary
  • DeGolyer Elementary
  • Gooch Elementary
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Marcus Elementary
  • Marsalis Elementary
  • Milam Elementary
  • Mills Elementary
  • Seagoville Elementary
  • Runyon Elementary
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary
  • McShan Elementary
  • Soto Elementary
  • Sudie Williams TAG Academy

Aug. 25

  • Central Elementary
  • Conner Elementary
  • CA Tatum, Jr. Elementary
  • Kleberg Elementary
  • Oliver Elementary
  • Russell Elementary
  • Silberstein Elementary
  • Thornton Elementary
  • Mark Twain Leadership Vanguard
  • Withers Elementary
  • Adams, Nathan Elementary
  • Seagoville North Elementary
  • Junkins, Jerry Elementary
  • Richardson Elementary
  • GHW Bush Elementary

Aug. 26

  • Anderson, William Elementary
  • Blair Elementary
  • Dorsey Elementary
  • Hooe Elementary
  • Houston Elementary
  • Jones Elementary
  • Peabody Elementary
  • Rogers Elementary
  • Urban Park Elementary
  • Rowe Elementary
  • Halliday, Ebby Elementary

Aug. 27

  • Kiest Elementary
  • Lagow Elementary
  • Macon Elementary
  • Moseley Elementary
  • Rosemont Elementary
  • Rosemont Primary
  • Truett Elementary
  • Winnetka Elementary
  • Gonzalez, HB Elementary
  • Callejo Elementary

Aug. 28

  • Bayles Elementary
  • Burnet Elementary
  • William B Travis Academy
  • Mata, Eduardo Montessori
  • Kahn Elementary
  • Cuellar Elementary
  • Solar Preparatory School for Girls @ Bonham
  • Two-Way Dual Language TAG
  • Solar Prep for Boys

Aug. 31

  • Blanton Elementary
  • Bowie Elementary
  • Chapel Hill Preparatory
  • Caillet Elementary
  • Hexter Elementary
  • Reilly Elementary
  • Harry Stone Montessori
  • Sanger Elementary
  • Lanier Elementary
  • HI Holland Elementary @ Lisbon
  • Turner Elementary
  • Salazar Elementary
  • Hernandez Elementary
  • NW Harllee Early Childhood Center
  • Whitney M. Young Elementary
  • Bushman Elementary

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