Bon Voyage: Ten students earn $42,000 in scholarships to study abroad over the summer


Ten students who attend the Townview Magnet Center have received a total of $42,812 in scholarships from CIEE to study abroad this summer in France, Belgium, Spain, France, Japan, Italy, China and Morocco.

The students are:

  • Maria Sanabria, Patricio Alcazar and Jeremy Aguilar from the School for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) will study French language and culture in France
  • Francesca Gilbard from TAG will study world government in Belgium
  • Edward Valladares from TAG  will study the Spanish language and culture in Spain
  • Varick Esneault from the School of Science and Engineering (SEM) will study Japanese language and culture in Japan
  • Erika Ramirez from SEM will study Italian language and culture in Italy
  • Bryan Pham from SEM will study the Chinese language and culture in China
  • Sebastian Roman from the School of Business and Management (SBM) will study the Spanish language and culture in Spain
  • Diana Guel from SBM will study the Arabic language and Moroccan culture in Morocco

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