Dallas ISD celebrates group of ‘Master Principals’


During a special ceremony Tuesday night celebrating top-performing Dallas ISD principals, Superintendent Michael Hinojosa recalled a meeting he had earlier that day with the Japanese Department of Education.

Japanese education officials had heard about Dallas ISD’s amazing progress, referring to it as the “most improved school district in the country.” Hinojosa told the group of Master Principals the reason for Dallas ISD’s recent successes: the high quality of the principals, educators and district leaders.

“The results you are getting with your kids makes all the difference,” Hinojosa said.

As part of an ongoing effort to identify and reward top educators and campus leaders, Dallas ISD relaunched its Master Principals program this school year. The Master Principals program was in effect during Hinojosa’s first term as superintendent.

Dallas ISD Chief of Strategic Initiatives Brian Lusk said the revamped program looks at metrics such as a school’s culture and climate and overall student growth to identify top-performing principals. The district then supports and celebrates these Master Principals in various ways, such as Tuesday’s ceremony.

“We want you to know that you are valued, you are doing phenomenal work, and we are very, very proud of you,” Hinojosa said. “You don’t get lots of ‘thanks’ in your job as educators. Enjoy tonight’s celebration; you’ve earned it.”


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