School to combine Two-Way Dual-Language with Gifted and Talented


Pleasant Grove is set to get what could be a first-of-its-kind school: a Two-Way Dual-Language Vanguard/Academy for Gifted and Talented students.

Trustees unanimously approved the new school during their Dec. 14 meeting. The school will serve students in grades 4–8 and feature native English and native Spanish speakers learning each others’ languages through a Gifted and Talented curriculum.

“We are bringing this proposal to expand opportunities and innovation for students in every sector of our city,” Chief of School Leadership Stephanie Elizalde said.

The school will start in the 2018–2019 school year by serving up to 198 students in eight classrooms grades 4 thru 6 at 9610 Bruton Road. The school will gradually build up to a maximum of 440 students, by adding one grade at a time with plans for a large-scale renovation to the entire facility coming next school year.

Trustee Jaime Resendez led the push for the new school.

“I’m excited about this initiative, and I hope my colleagues are, too,” he said.

While there are many Two-Way Dual-Language campuses across the district, there are none specifically for Gifted and Talented students. Elizalde said the district will aggressively campaign to identify even more Gifted and Talented students during the spring semester, some of whom could be a perfect fit for the new school.


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