Mayor’s Intern Spotlight: Kayla Trunnell


The Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program gives Dallas ISD high school juniors and seniors real world experience in a professional field.

The Hub is spotlighting some of these Dallas ISD students participating in the program. Today, meet Kayla Trunnell, a student at Skyline High School who is interning with Dallas ISD’s Career Education and Workforce Partnerships Department.

What are your roles as an intern?
As an intern, I mainly reorganize and update files, research, and utilize my computing skills while finding new learning opportunities towards molding my future.

What do you hope to accomplish through the internship?
The most important things I hope to accomplish is gaining experience while utilizing everything I’ve learned in school over the years.

What do you hope your career will be after school?
I have hopes to be employed within the same department where I am interning so that I can continue to learn and help others.

What have you learned through the internship?
I have learned that when things do not go as planned in the “real world,” you must improvise until you succeed. I have learned that you cannot bring personal issues and/or problems into the work place. Most importantly, I have learned that a lack of education can harm your future, so go as far as possible.


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