Tuesday, Sept. 27, is ACT School Day for district seniors


Next Tuesday, Sept. 27, is ACT School Day, an important day in the life of seniors in the class of 2017. On that day, at 9:30 a.m., all Dallas ISD high schools will administer the ACT Plus Writing tests to seniors during the regular school day.

The district’s Postsecondary Success department has covered the cost of the in-school college entrance exam to help seniors meet college admission requirements. Students should know that all U.S. four-year colleges and universities consider the ACT exam an important benchmark of students’ ability to successfully complete college work. That means your score can determine whether or not a college will admit you into its freshman class. The ACT is also a tool colleges use to decide which students receive precious scholarship dollars.

Test scores could even make a difference in future job opportunities since some employers require applicants to share test scores as part of the application process. Anyway you cut it, test scores are important. Considering the importance of the test, some students may want to learn a bit more about it. Seniors can visit ACTstudent.org  for a basic test overview, to download a free study guide and access testing tips.

To ensure the best odds for test success, students are reminded to take the usual steps to prepare to perform at their best. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. Have a healthy breakfast the morning of the test. Arrive at school on time. And, perhaps just as important, bring a positive attitude to the testing experience.


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