Back to School Tip: How to reduce anxiety for you and your child


Magellan Healthcare, Dallas ISD’s mental health provider, has some helpful advice on how parents can reduce anxiety for them and their child.

Share positive stories

If a child expresses hesitancy about the upcoming year, he or she may get reassurance from one of the many age-appropriate books showing children overcoming their fears. Also, describe for your child how you once felt scared when starting something new. Explain how most children have these feelings, yet everything turns out fine.

Promote resilience

When saying goodbye to a young child each day, use a fun phrase or gesture you can share. Repeated use of the familiar phrase can comfort the child and smooth the morning farewell. On the health front, make sure your child gets regular after-school exercise plus adequate sleep at night.

Inspire confidence

Acknowledge your child’s anxious feelings but express confidence that they can handle the challenges. When talking about the coming school year, offer positive descriptions of the new, interesting and fun things they can expect. And, even though you may be feeling the back-to-school jitters all over again, strive to be calm and positive.


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