Annual STEM Day adds dose of fun to learning about science (video)


Dallas ISD’s annual STEM Day highlights the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but just as important is an emphasis on fun. From flying quadcopters, to getting close to creepy-crawly critters to playing in a field coated in fake snow, a good time could be had by all.

Hands-on experiments and dynamic demonstrations filled the 2016 version of the event held earlier this month.

“STEM Day is a celebration/exposition of everything that has to do with science, technology, engineering and math,” said Roland Antoine, director of Education and Technology. “The idea of encouraging kids to move into those fields, think about those fields, experience things associated with those fields.”

Oswaldo Alvarenga, executive director of STEM, said that more than 2,000 attendees – students, parents and grandparents – enjoyed the event.

“It’s a big family affair,”Alvarenga said. “And they’re learning about STEM.”

In fact, Alvarenga’s daughter Mercedes, who is in the Sea Scouts, assisted in one of the sessions.

“I think the activities are very helpful for the kids to understand concepts of science,” said parent Catina Walker. “And to know that it’s fun, not something that’s boring. It’s very interesting and it’s very engaging.”

Watch the video to see what several of the students in attendance thought about their time at STEM Day.


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