Effort aims to encourage students to register, vote in Nov. 8 election


The League of Women Voters and LULAC are recruiting volunteers in the community to explain the importance of the voting process to Dallas ISD students.

Both organizations are visiting schools during lunch and history or government classes to encourage students to register vote. The main objective is for students to understand that elected officials make big decisions and they listen to the people who vote. The deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 11, in order to be registered in time to vote Nov. 8.

More than 100 students registered to vote earlier this month at Skyline High School during one such visit. Volunteers will visit Samuell, Thomas Jefferson, W.T. White, Woodrow Wilson and North Dallas high schools in the coming weeks.

Two Dallas ISD Teen Board Members recently shared why they will vote.

“I am 18 and will be registering to vote because I want to see changes in this country, and by voting that is the only way we can get there,” said Leslie Arias, a senior at North Dallas High School. “I encourage other students to vote because we are the future and only our voice can change and improve the way politics work.”

Kevin Barrera, 18, is a student at John Lesley Patton Jr. Academic Center.  “I am interested in studying politics one day, and yes I will be voting,” Barrera said. “I am not sure I understand very well what each party is all about, but I want to learn and get involved.”

To register to vote, students must be 17 years and 10 months, U.S. citizens, not currently serving a felony or mentally incapacitated. Once registered, they will receive their voter registration cards in the mail from the county within weeks.

Here are some helpful websites with additional information on registering to vote and voting:








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