Substitute teachers to earn higher pay this school year


Substitute teachers in Dallas ISD can earn more money this school year.

The district has raised the daily per diem for substitute teachers who have a college degree—which is the majority of substitute teachers—from $75 per day to $85 per day. Meanwhile, certified teachers who substitute teach in Dallas ISD will now make $95 per day, which is up from $90 per day.

Additionally, a person who has completed 60 college hours or an associate degree can now substitute teach in Dallas ISD; in short-term assignments. Previously, a substitute was required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. The minimum age to substitute teach in Dallas ISD is still 21.

A new incentive will allow a substitute teacher who accept substitute assignments on Monday to earn an additional $5 or who works on Friday an additional $10.

Quality substitute teachers are needed to fill short and longer term assignments throughout the school district!

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