Dallas ISD educators encouraged to ‘refer a teacher’


Remember the classic schoolyard retort to an insult – “Takes one to know one!”? Well, the Dallas ISD teacher recruitment team has put a positive spin on the saying, asking classroom leaders to refer well qualified teachers to the district.

Current teachers are often in the best position to know the skills necessary for success in Dallas ISD classrooms and can identify those qualities in other teachers, district recruiters say.

“We recognize how great a resource our current staff of teachers can be when searching for qualified teaching candidates,” said Jordan Carlton, talent acquisition leader. “Each teacher represents a wide network of educators, some of whom may be interested in joining us in Dallas ISD.”

Referred candidates typically have a higher rate of satisfaction with their role because they already have an established connection with the district and realize the expectations before they start.

“We want to make it easier to refer a great candidate to the district,” Carlton said. “Our hope is that this will provide another avenue of bringing in dedicated teachers for our students.”

To refer a qualified teacher, send an email listing the name and email address of the person being referred, as well as their grade level and subject area if known. Or, you can visit the Teach webpage and click on the “Refer a Teacher” link.


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