Hispanic Heritage Profile – David Ybarra: “We Grow by Helping Each Other”


David Ybarra is a supervisor in Dallas ISD’s Operation Services Division, leading a crew of 21 ground employees. His team is one of the many teams the District relies on to provide welcoming and safe learning environments at schools and other facilities.

Ybarra often encourages his team to feel pride in the work they are doing and their  contribution to the district’s mission.

“We are responsible for creating neat, nicely kept landscaping areas that will create the first impression for schools,” Ybarra said. “I want the student, staff and parents to feel proud of the way their school looks, and I like to help make the campuses inviting and appealing.”

Ybarra also likes to help his work peers grow; he enjoys being the right leader for his team, like the leaders he found when he joined Dallas ISD.

“It took the right leaders in the Operations Division to help me grow,” Ybarra said. “They shared their knowledge and experiences with me so I could find the solutions to challenges.”

Fast forward 10 years, and Ybarra, who has two children enrolled in Dallas ISD, is now supervisor at the Northwest Grounds Division.

“It’s a great journey being a part of the district,” he said. “Now as a supervisor, I get to help and advise new incoming leaders who will one day grow into a bigger role like I did.”

He often tells his children and other students to “échale ganas (work hard), continue learning every day, and always value who you are and where you came from.”

Ybarra is a second generation Mexican-American. His father was born in the U.S. and his mother is from México City.  He embraces his roots and heritage and wants to teach his children to grow, embracing their culture and unity with people from other cultures.

“We are one … one community, and we need to help each other, especially our ‘raza’ (our people) who are new in this country and community.”


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