Reading Academies launch Aug. 20


The Reading Academies are finally here! On Thursday, Aug. 20th, 1,200 Dallas ISD administrators and teachers begin the first phase of the districtwide training that will strengthen teaching practices and help ensure that all students read on or above grade level.

More than 120 cohort leaders will be leading the charge, facilitating the training and providing coaching support to guide educators in bringing new learning to life in their daily instruction. As part of the legislative requirement of Texas House Bill 3, the district has three years to train all current staff in the evidence-based practices that best support student literacy development.

“What the Reading Academies will do for us, as a district, is provide a common language and methodology around teaching children to read. It ensures that every teacher, regardless of their years of experience, will be equipped to support the literacy development of their students,” said Yuddie Ewelike, instructional strategy manager for Early Learning.

“When you look at this from the lens of equity and access, it better positions us to close achievement gaps across student groups in the district,” Ewelike said, “because no matter what part of town you live in or what school you attend, you will have a teacher who is able to address your literacy needs.”

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