CAP program underway to improve reading for Dallas ISD students


Dallas ISD schools may be closed for the summer, but there are a wide variety of summer programs and activities for students to improve their confidence, reading comprehension, and learn more about their culture.

One of these programs is Creating Accelerated Performance (CAP), a collaboration between the Racial Equity Office (REO), Teaching and Learning, and School Leadership, which operates from June 1–18, and aims to help students improve their reading skills and gain confidence about themselves.

“Reading is the foundation of all learning. Our students have to read on grade level,” said Leslie Williams, Deputy Chief of REO.

The program serves approximately 1,000 African American and English Learner students from 19 elementary and middle schools who will be entering 3rd, 6th, and 9th grade during the 2020-2021 school year. These students did not demonstrate proficiency in reading during the last school year.

“The first week of CAP has been a success! We are excited to report a high level of attendance, engaged students and dedicated staff learning in the virtual setting.” Shannon Trejo, Deputy Chief of Teaching and Learning, said.

The CAP program created a targeted summer experience for students, blending focused instruction with fun activities to accelerate the students’ academic growth and creativity, as well as to promote their social and emotional learning. Instruction is provided by highly trained dyslexia teachers and the most caring campus teachers in the district who are using tools such as Google classroom, STEAM activities, and virtual field trips, to make the lessons more appealing for students. Computers and internet hot spots have been provided through their home schools for families that do not have reliable internet access.

“Our CAP teachers have gone above and beyond to provide high quality targeted instruction on foundational language skills and comprehension, while our EPIC adventure teachers enrich student experiences with STEAM based hands on learning.” said Trejo. “We look forward to our remaining two weeks with our fabulous students, who have found these small group interactions to be a just right fit for their needs.”


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