Senior living facility receives messages of hope from hundreds of elementary students


Hundreds of Dallas ISD elementary school students created motivational artwork for the residents of a local senior living facility.

The Edgemere facility received more than 210 letters, art projects and videos with uplifting messages.

“We simply asked that the teachers have students create artwork, write letters, make videos, anything they wished to make and send some caring spirit on to the facility residents,” said Erinn D. Wilcots, manager of Dallas ISD’s Advanced Academic Services. “We left the project open to the students’ imagination so they could come up with what they thought would be best to send to the residents.”

Drawings conveying “I miss you” or “I care about you”, pictures of chalk drawings on the pavement expressing hope and videos of students dancing to “Here Comes The Sun” are some of the messages that our students sent.

The materials from the students were collected and organized according to the type of project. The Edgemere personnel is printing all the artwork they and will place it on a wall in the facility so the residents can enjoy it. The videos are being downloaded and looped onto the televisions in the dining hall for residents to appreciate during meal times.

The Edgemere residents are writing some Thank You notes that will share with the Advanced Academic Services department.


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