Dallas ISD’s innovative new job application system launches Oct. 1


An innovative new job application system will make it easier for high-quality Dallas ISD job candidates to match with a potential job that’s right for them.

On Oct. 1, Dallas ISD will replace AppliTrack with the Talent Management System (TMS). TMS can match candidates who upload their resume with potential jobs, notify them when new jobs are posted, and, through the Watson Assistant, answer general questions about the district and position. TMS will also make it easier for district officials to identify and select the top candidate for a position.

“Adding the power of Watson – Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the recruiting process will strategically enhance Dallas ISD’s competitive advantage in attracting, recruiting and retaining quality candidates,” said Divine Boamah, Business Analyst and project lead with Dallas ISD Human Capital Management Department.  “TMS promises to deliver a signature experience to candidates, hiring managers and the Human Capital Management (HCM) team.”

Visit www.dallasisd.org/tms or email tms@dallasisd.org to learn more about TMS.


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