Fourth-graders experience Texas history in field trip to Austin and San Antonio


Fourth-graders from Walnut Hill Elementary School traveled to Austin and San Antonio on a field trip to experience what they are learning in Texas History class.

As part of the Education in Action Discover Field Trip, the students visited the Texas State Capitol, The Alamo, and The Witte Museum.

During the charter bus ride to Austin, students discussed why Texans are so proud of their unique heritage and participated in activities and games in preparation for their day. In Austin, the students visited the Texas State Capitol. Students saw first-hand where Texas laws are made as they toured the State Capitol, including the Senate and House of Representatives chambers.

Students then traveled to San Antonio where they toured The Alamo, one of the most famous missions in the United States, and learned about the Battle of the Alamo’s role in the Texas Revolution. At the Witte Museum, students learned about ‘chuck box cuisine from ‘Cookie’, a historical reenactor straight from the trail, and explored interactive exhibits and historical artifacts to learn about daily life, the changing landscape, and earning a living in 1800s Texas.

Discover Texas Field Trips are presented by Education in Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering educated and involved young people.


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