Dallas ISD celebrates Fresh Attitude Week


Dallas ISD recently celebrated Fresh Attitude Week to showcase how fresh fruits and vegetables are served in schools.

Harllee Early Childhood Center hosted a highlight of the week, with aquaponics farmer Geoff Gray from Primal Gardens and Dallas ISD Executive Chef Trina Nelson demonstrating how fresh fruits and vegetables can be used for healthy school meals.

In collaboration with the French Department of Agriculture and in partnership with Interfel (French Inter-Branch Association of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables), Fresh Attitude Week has now become an annual event in America, along with France and Italy, to highlight fresh fruits and vegetables in school meals.  The program introduces students to new fruits and vegetables to expand their palates and broaden their attitudes towards food. Many students in urban school districts live in food deserts with little access to fresh items, so it is important to educate them about a variety of produce.


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