Parent gifts $10,000 scholarship to honor assistant principal


In celebration of Assistant Principals Week, schools across the nation are thanking their assistant principals in a variety of ways. Solar Preparatory School for Girls hosted an assembly to celebrate their beloved Assistant Principal Jennifer Turner.

At the assembly, Solar Prep parent Bill Durham announced a $10,000 scholarship donation for fourth-graders in Turner’s name.

“I’ve watched her work tirelessly and accomplish amazing things, and she does this everyday with kindness and grace,” Durham said. “She is a role model and inspiration to all of us, and I challenge all of you to think about Ms. Turner and others who are important parts of your life and to be mindful about appreciating them.”

Students celebrate Assistant Principal Jennifer Turner at an assembly.

Girls at Solar Prep filled the auditorium with cheers, stomps and shouts in support for Turner.

“Thank you all for showing me so much love,” Turner said. “I just want you to know that all the love and celebration you are giving me today, I will give it right back to you ten times over.”


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