Law Magnet students organize successful Dallas mayoral forum


The Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet hosted five Dallas mayoral candidates on Thursday evening in an open forum.

Over the course of the evening, Albert Black, Scott Griggs, Alyson Kennedy, Lynn McBee, and Miguel Solis fielded a series of questions selected, written, and delivered by Law Magnet students, pressing them on topics ranging from community safety to climate change.

“It was a team effort that paid off,” said teacher and event organizer Patrick Lyons. “The forum was informative; the candidates were personable and engaging, and, most importantly, the kids got a lot out of it.”

“This was truly a team effort. I was very proud to be part of this forum and I was incredibly proud of our students,” added Principal Garet Feimster. “They meaningfully engaged with the political process by contacting political campaigns, working with candidates, and writing questions about topics significant to Dallas voters. This is what our school is all about.”

The Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet is a magnet secondary school located in the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center in Dallas. The school strives to prepare students for careers in law, law enforcement, and government. The school was has been nominated for a Blue Ribbon in 2019. Also this year, it was ranked the twenty-fifth best high school in the nation by the Challenge Index, a statistical ranking of the top public and private high schools in the United States created by Washington Post.

The Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet intends to host additional political forums and debates in the future to bring the city’s leadership and community together and give students real-life experiences with the political process.


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