Students with visual impairments enjoy scavenger hunt at Dallas Museum of Art


It’s a Monday morning at the Dallas Museum of Art, and a group of Dallas ISD students with visual impairments are striking the pose of a horse.

The students are posing this way so they can learn the next clue for the artistic scavenger hunt that is taking them around the museum. Erica Simms, a Dallas ISD teacher of students with visual impairments, said the day is helping the group of elementary students expand their abilities.

“This scavenger hunt is helping these students become aware of their surroundings in an unfamiliar environment,” Simms said. “The students are also growing their self-determination and making connections.”

A partnership between the DMA and Dallas ISD has groups of students with visual impairments receiving special programming at the museum every month. Emily Wiskera, the manager of access programs at the DMA, said the program has students exploring art throughout the museum and then doing a related art activity.


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