Ten outstanding seniors get $40,000 in scholarships from Women LEAD


The Women LEAD (Learn, Excel, Achieve, Dream) scholarship program awarded 10 outstanding Dallas ISD seniors with a total of $40,000 in college scholarships.

Founded in 2013 by the Junior League of Dallas in collaboration with Mary Kay Inc., the Women LEAD scholarship program assists female high school students in pursuing their dreams of higher education and to create opportunities for future women leaders.

The scholarship recipients are:

  1. Lal Lawmi – $15,000, Conrad High School
  2. Carol Flores – $10,000, Thomas Jefferson High School
  3. Alondra Martinez Gallegos – $5,000, Conrad High School
  4. Sonya Soto – $4,000, Thomas Jefferson High School
  5. Albana Gllareva $1,000, Conrad High School
  6. Anette Morales – $1,000, Conrad High School
  7. Ingrid Romero – $1,000, Conrad High School
  8. Yasmin Milan – $1,000, Thomas Jefferson High School
  9. Elia Espinosa – $1,000, Conrad High School
  10. 10. Eh Kaw Thaw – $1,000, Conrad High School

Finalists for the scholarships had to prepare a short speech where they shared their challenges and how their journey shaped them.

The generosity of the presenting sponsor Mary Kay, Inc. and the addition of the supporting sponsor Dr. Pepper Snapple Group made the $40,000 in scholarships possible.


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