Bryan Adams High School student starts school’s first Feminist Club


After thinking and reflecting on what the concept of feminism means, Bryan Adams High School student Erick decided to start a club focused on the concept and its importance to society at large.

Now a senior, he launched the school’s first Feminist Club during his sophomore year.

“It’s not something you usually hear, especially in high school because people tend to have a misconception of what feminism means,” he said.

By definition, feminism is the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities.

“It’s more of a safe place for everyone who wants to come and share any ideas that they have about elections, political, school, social life, social media, any concerns that they have,” Erick said. “If we put a little bit of ourselves into something, into some sort of project that can help anyone in general, then we’re making a difference, and we’re leaving a legacy.”


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