Burnet Elementary’s ‘100’s Club’ setting students up for success


Teachers at David G. Burnet Elementary School were confused at first when students kept coming to them asking for extra assignments.

Turns out, the students were part of the “100’s Club,” an after-school program at the campus that motivates students to get perfect scores on assignments, tests and attendance.

“The club is having a noticeable positive impact on our students’ grades and performance,” said Mrs. Johnson, who runs the club along with Alejandra Romo, a recreation program specialist with the City of Dallas.

Every month the students in the club set a goal for how many 100s they will get as a group. Additionally, the three students who get the most 100s—as well as the most improved—get a small prize.

“It’s been a blessing to watch the students thrive as part of this club,” Romo said. “I’m looking forward to watching it grow.”


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