Talking Stocks: TJ High School female students beef up on financial literacy


It’s a weekday morning at Thomas Jefferson High School, and 23 female high school students are discussing three stocks they’ve been tracking.

The discussions are part of a year-long financial literacy program provided by the nonprofit Rock the Street, Wall Street and Fidelity Investments. The program aims to empower female high school students to manage their money and learn to budget, negotiate their salary, and invest.

The students participated in four workshops and will take a field trip to Fidelity Investments offices in November. The students will also have opportunities for one-on-one mentoring and job shadowing next semester.

Kimberly Pardon, a first-generation American student, was one of the 20 students in the program. She said she gained practical knowledge from the program and is even sharing what she learns with her parents.

“I am teaching (my parents) how to spend their money better,” Pardon said.


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