AlumNow: Townview graduate creates own film company to tell important stories


While he was in high school at the School of Business and Management at Townview, David Lindsey did not imagine he would be in the movie business.

But despite hating writing papers in his younger days, he has gone on to write and produce a film called “Giants Do Fall.” The biblical-inspired movie tells the story of two foster brothers taken in by an abusive foster mother.

Lindsey and the team at His Strength Productions hope the film will start productive conversations about child abuse. Watch the trailer for the film here, and read below as the Hub checks in with Lindsey as part of the ongoing AlumNow series.

What was your favorite subject/activity/involvement in high school? 

As strange as this is going to sound, my favorite subject was geometry. I was very left brain. Being a writer became my passion actually the year after I left school. I had no idea that this was gonna be my career path. In school I hated writing papers, but I loved doing math.

Who was your favorite teacher? 

My geometry teacher. I can not remember his name right now. I just always remembered he would tell us the best time to study is when we were using the bathroom. His point being it’s the best time because you have no distractions from your life at that moment in time. I will never forget that.

What lesson did you learn in high school or beyond that has served you well through the years? 

I learned hard work and determination at Townview. Townview created leaders and champions. Me and all the friends that I made, we believed in ourselves and knew we were the best, and I can truly say Townnview played a large role in that.

What advice, if any, would you offer to high school students today? 

I would say enjoy your time, High school only happens once. Bump your head, you are supposed to. Remember it is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it. In your heart, believe that you can do anything. That is what makes you a Champion, don’t measure yourself against anyone else. Be the best you that you can be. You are only competing with yourself to be better than the day before. Lastly, treat each other well. You don’t want someone to be a road block on your journey, so don’t be a roadblock on theirs.

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