Volunteers help give TJ High School a fresh new look


More than 300 volunteers from Fidelity Investments joined Thomas Jefferson High School students and teachers over the weekend to pick up hammers, brushes, paint and cleaning supplies to give the school a fresh face-lift to celebrate the new school year.

As part of Fidelity Investments’ School Transformation Day, volunteers enhanced the campus for its more than 1,700 students, teachers and staff by:

  • Renovating the Newcomer Room and Parent Station area that greet new English Language Learner (ELL) students and their families as they enroll at Thomas Jefferson;
  • Upgrading the Family Life Skills room to better serve special needs students as they master such life skills as grocery shopping;
  • Boosting school pride by decorating spaces with colorful murals of the school mascot (Patriot) and installing fence cup art.

Here are some thoughts from Fidelity Investments volunteers at Thomas Jefferson High School:

“As a former school teacher, School Transformation Day gives me an opportunity to give back to the educational community and remain connected to teachers and students. I’m very grateful that Fidelity Investments values community service.” — Marcia Hensley, Learning Advisor, Fidelity Investments

“Volunteering is a unique experience and it comes with a lot of humility. It opens your eyes to how a project, big or small, impacts an entire community. I feel the revitalization projects enrich the lives of the teachers and help make the school setting a positive place for the students.” — Jennifer Passamano, Sr. Executive Assistant, Fidelity Investments

“It’s all about the feeling. That feeling you get when you can look at all the work you’ve done and know that those 4 hours of volunteering are such a small part of your life, but they make such a huge impact on the lives of the students and teachers at the school.”  — Jessica Tomlinson, Service Consultant, Fidelity Investments

“It’s real easy to give money. It’s another story to give your time and effort for worthy causes – lifting people up.” —Fabian Capdevila, Director, Fidelity Investments



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