NAF graduation ceremony honored more than 400 seniors


On Tuesday, April 18, the Career Education and Workforce Partnerships Department hosted the Dallas ISD NAF Senior Recognition Ceremony.  The ceremony honored seniors who have completed a program of study in a NAF academy and demonstrated academic excellence in Dallas ISD’s Career and Technical Education programs. The event recognized more than 400 students representing high schools across the district.

The Dallas ISD NAF program supports students in their pursuit towards college or career. The program provides students and their families with resources and opportunities that promote academic, social, and postsecondary success following graduation.

The NAF graduation ceremony happened Tuesday, April 18.

Tiffany Cason, Dallas market president for Capital One, served as the event keynote speaker. She encouraged the students to put in the extra work, make connections, dream big and take chances.

Tiffany Cason of Capitol One served as the keynote speaker of the NAF graduation ceremony

Small learning communities

NAF academies are designed as small learning communities within larger schools or as stand-alone public high schools. NAF currently has academies in 36 states including DC and the US Virgin Islands. Academies in the NAF Network are formed around one of five career industries with strong employment opportunities and growth.  In addition to core academic courses, students take industry-specific classes related to these themes as well as participate in work-based learning activities to put their lessons into action.

NAF academies are themed.  The themes are:

–          Academies of Engineering

–          Academies of Finance

–          Academies of Health Sciences

–          Academies of Hospitality and Tourism

–          Academies of Information Technology

Almost 7,000 Dallas ISD students are served through NAF programs.

Dallas ISD NAF Academies include:

  1. Bryan Adams: Academy of Engineering
  2. Bryan Adams: Academy of Health Sciences
  3. W.H. Adamson: Academy of Finance
  4. W.H. Adamson: Academy of Health Sciences
  5. David W. Carter: Academy of Information Technology
  6. Emmett J. Conrad: Academy of Engineering
  7. Emmett J. Conrad: Academy of Finance
  8. Emmett J. Conrad: Academy of Health Sciences
  9. Emmett J. Conrad: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
  10. Emmett J. Conrad: Academy of Information Technology
  11. Hillcrest: Academy of Engineering
  12. Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA): Academy of Finance
  13. Thomas Jefferson: Academy of Engineering
  14. Thomas Jefferson: Academy of Finance
  15. Thomas Jefferson: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
  16. Justin F. Kimball: Academy of Engineering
  17. Justin F. Kimball: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
  18. Lincoln High School: Academy of Engineering
  19. James Madison: Academy of Information Technology
  20. North Dallas: Academy of Engineering
  21. North Dallas: Academy of Finance
  22. North Dallas: Academy of Information Technology
  23. Franklin D. Roosevelt: Academy of Health Sciences
  24. School of Science And Engineering at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center: Academy of Engineering
  25. Skyline: Academy of Engineering
  26. Skyline: Academy of Finance
  27. Skyline: Academy of Health Sciences
  28. Skyline: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
  29. Skyline: Academy of Information Technology
  30. South Oak Cliff: Academy of Information Technology
  31. South Oak Cliff: Academy of Engineering
  32. H. Grady Spruce: Academy of Engineering
  33. H. Grady Spruce: Academy of Finance
  34. H. Grady Spruce: Academy of Information Technology
  35. Sunset: Academy of Finance
  36. Sunset: Academy of Health Sciences
  37. W.T. White: Academy Of Engineering
  38. Wilmer-Hutchins: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
  39. Wilmer-Hutchins: Academy of Information Technology
  40. Woodrow Wilson: Academy of Engineering
  41. Woodrow Wilson: Academy of Finance
  42. Woodrow Wilson: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

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