Veterans volunteer to beautify Mills Elementary


Mission Continues and 22 Kill Dallas, a group that promotes awareness of the growing suicide rate of veterans, joined Roger Q. Mills Elementary School teachers, parents and students to beautify the school.

Celanese also joined the effort that was part of United Way Grow South Grow Strong.


The group donated a refrigerator, computer desk, coffee maker and microwave. They also refurbished the teachers lounge; reupholstered clinic beds and painted the clinic; created an outdoor classroom and beautified the courtyard; repainted the basketball court, and more.

“I met the most amazing veterans over the last few weeks as we prepped for the big day,” said Tonya Clark, principal of Mills Elementary. “It was incredible to see our kids’ joy when they showed up for school on Monday and saw everything that had been done.”

Mills Elementary is an Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) campus. Dallas ISD launched the ACE Plan, which stands for Accelerating Campus Excellence, as a way to provide strong leadership, effective teaching and high expectations at seven of the district’s most struggling schools.


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