Space Camp boosts STEM interest in young minds from O.W. Holmes


Three students from Oliver W. Holmes Humanities/Communications Academy who spent part of their summer at Space Camp attended a luncheon on Nov. 9 to thank the law firm Fish & Richardson for paying for their adventure.

Fish & Richardson provided a scholarship so students Bryce Brown, Caleb Simmons, and Francisco Silva could attend the six-day camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Alabama. During the lunchoen, students told employees of Fish & Richardson all about their adventures.

At the camp, the students worked toward earning an all-blue space suit each camper received at the end of the program, from various interactive science-based activities they completed. Campers built and launched rockets high into the sky, simulated an operation while in the mission control booth of a spacecraft and watched space exploration movies on IMAX.

Martin Osae is a math and science facilitator for the Roosevelt Feeder Pattern who has taken nearly one dozen students over the last few years to the camp. It’s an event he looks forward to each year with the help of Fish & Richardson.

“I have had the honor to coordinate this program in partnership with the sponsoring local law firm, Fish & Richardson,” said Osae. “The first year I was involved in the program, I took three students from Stevens Park Elementary School, where I taught fifth-grade science.”

Years later Osae still advocates for the camp, and it’s the reason Brown, Simmons and Silva attended with all-expenses paid for.

The scholarships provided by Fish & Richardson gave students an opportunity to be closely exposed to STEM practices they may not otherwise receive. Additionally, camp participants received training that included a space walk simulator, gravity trainer, manned maneuvering unit, multi-axis training, and experiments in physics, and atmospheric and environmental sciences.

In the spring, students can apply for the scholarship award. The application process includes a questionnaire, parental permission forms and a candidate evaluation form completed by a teacher. Top candidates like Brown, Simmons and Silva were selected following an interview with Fish & Richardson law firm.


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