Skyline’s World Languages Cluster prepares students for global success


Skyline senior Katera post-graduation plans are to attend a Japanese university and become a mangaka, which is an author of Japanese comic books.

Katera’s goal is possible thanks to Skyline High School’s World Languages Cluster, which has taught her to speak and read Japanese, as well as plenty of information about the culture.

“I feel like I can go to Japan after I graduate and thrive and do well,” she said. “I’m excited for the future.”

Skyline’s World Languages Cluster offers students classes in eight different languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, American Sign Language, Italian, Latin, German, and Japanese. Skyline brought back two of those languages—German and Italian—this year after renewed interest. Many of the teachers in the cluster are originally from the country of the language they teach.

Students can graduate from the cluster with knowledge of up to four different languages. Mr. Jose Sologuren, who leads the cluster, said the goal isn’t necessarily for students to be fluent in multiple languages, but to have a greater understanding of the world at large.

“The more we know about other cultures, the more we can learn and understand other people,” he said. “This program opens students’ eyes to the larger world around them.”

Meanwhile, the Council on International Educational Exchange in September named Skyline High School as a participant in the 2016–17 Global Navigator Scholarship awards for summer study abroad. The Global Navigator Scholarship earmarks $25,000 in scholarship dollars for Skyline students to study abroad during the summer.

“Our World Languages Cluster and the CIEE scholarships position Skyline as one of the leading globally-minded schools in the area,” Skyline Principal Dr. Janice Lombardi said. “We are proud to be able to prepare students for success on a global scale.”


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