Mayor’s Intern Spotlight: Daniel Akwei


The Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program has given Dallas ISD high school juniors and seniors real world experience in a professional field.

The Hub is spotlighting some of these Dallas ISD students participating in the program. Today, meet Daniel Akwei, a student at Thomas Jefferson High School who is an intern with Dallas ISD’s Communications Department.

What is your role as an intern?

As an intern with the Dallas ISD Communications Department, I mostly organize articles, news, and do research for the annual reports of schools. I also help create content for Dallas ISD’s social media pages.

What do you hope to accomplish through the internship?

The most important accomplishment I hope to attain through this internship is to experience the role of communications in reaching people. I also hope to learn how social media is used to reach, share and gain numerous ideas. I hope to apply what I learn in my future career.

What do you hope your career will be after school?

I plan to head into advertising and pursue network marketing, which will allow me create my own online affiliate marketing business and assist entrepreneurs.

What have you learned through the internship?

Since the beginning of this internship, I have improved my skills in communication, networking, organization, teamwork and the ability to handle multiple responsibilities.


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