Mayor’s Intern Spotlight: Qiana Lusk


The Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program gives Dallas ISD high school juniors and seniors real world experience in a professional field.

The Hub is spotlighting some of these Dallas ISD students participating in the program. Today, meet Qiana Lusk, a student at Kimball High School who is an intern with Dallas ISD’s Food and Child Nutrition Services (FCNS).

What is your role as an intern?

As an intern for Dallas ISD FCNS, I have worked on numerous projects, with the most important one being menu planning. Helping figure out what should and shouldn’t be on the menu for next year was actually very eye opening, due to the fact that I never really knew the background of how our menu actually comes together.  

What do you hope to accomplish through the internship?

Through the internship I hope to gain more experience that could possibly help me later on in life. Also, I hope to learn new things about FCNS that I never knew about. 

What do you hope your career will be after school?

After college, I’m looking to become an athletic trainer at a more professional level. Athletic training has become a vital role in my life ever since I joined the Student Athletic Training Program at my school.

What have you learned through the internship?

I have learned a lot more about FCNS and the things that they do in order to make sure students are being fed breakfast and lunch every day.


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