Mayor’s Intern Spotlight: Collin Newman


The Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program gives Dallas ISD high school juniors and seniors real world experience in a professional field.

The Hub is spotlighting some of these Dallas ISD students participating in the program. Today, meet Collin Newman, a student at Woodrow Wilson High School who is an intern with Dallas ISD’s Teaching and Learning Department.

What is your role as an intern?

My role as an intern varies from day to day, but most of the time I act as an office assistant/helper for different people in the building.

What do you hope to accomplish through the internship?

I want to gain real world experience in a working environment and learn what is expected of me. That is what I hope to accomplish.

What do you hope your career will be after school?

I want to have a career in engineering, though I do not know the specific branch I want to study yet.

What have you learned through the internship?

I have learned how to use a lot of the office machinery like the copy machine, but I also have learned how to use different website creators and how to act in a workplace.


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