Martin Weiss School of Leadership and Jack Lowe Elementary School awarded grant to implement The Leader in Me


Two Dallas ISD elementary schools, Martin Weiss School of Leadership and Jack Lowe Elementary School, have been selected from hundreds of schools across the country to receive a grant from The grant, which awarded both schools with more than $42,000 each, will enable Weiss and Lowe in implementing The Leader in Me whole-school transformation process for developing 21st century leadership skills in K-12 students. This unique opportunity will teach students the leadership habits they will need to be successful in college, careers, and daily life.

“We are so proud to be implementing The Leader in Me process in our school,” proclaimed Weiss principal Shundra Brown. “Our team is committed to teaching and inspiring every child in our school to become a leader. We are looking forward to seeing the same kinds of positive changes that we have seen produced at other schools who have implemented this process.”

The Leader in Me program teaches students how to become self-reliant, take initiative, set and track goals, prioritize their time, express their viewpoint persuasively, find creative solutions and much more.

“Through this grant, we are pleased to recognize both schools’ preparation and commitment to developing generations of great leaders,” said Boyd Craig,’s chairman and CEO. “We look forward to being a supportive partner in the years to come and to seeing this school, with its teachers, students, and their families achieve the success they seek.”

Weiss and Lowe represent two of nearly 3,000 schools worldwide in over 50 countries implementing The Leader in Me. As The Leader in Me is implemented over the next five years, it will help to shape the school culture and climate that students experience on a daily basis, as well as teach them the skills they need to be college and career ready.

Martin Weiss is one of 10 schools that have been identified by the Public School Choice initiative, which provides Dallas ISD families with options that tap into students’ interests, aspirations and learning styles. The district goal is to have 35 Choice Schools by 2020. For more information about Choice Schools, visit the website.

For more information on The Leader in Me, visit For more information about‘s charitable mission, visit


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