Sunset High School program prepares students for jobs in Sheriff’s Department


Seven seniors from Sunset High School are expected to start well-paying, full-time jobs with the Dallas Sheriff’s Department after they graduate later this month.

The students are already on their way to being trained as detention service officers, which start at $18 an hour, thanks to a program Sunset High School offers with the Dallas Sheriff’s Department.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Preparation Program (LEPP) acquainted the students with the nature and complexity of law enforcement. The program in many ways mirrored the basic training a recruit goes through to become an officer.

Speakers from across the sheriff’s department—including chiefs and other staff—talked with students about their roles in the office. Each student went through an interview and application process to join the program.

“These students took the program very seriously, and many of them are excited about joining the sheriff’s department as soon as they graduate,” said Teresa Sterling, who oversees LEPP at Sunset High School.

Deputy Sheriff John White said LEPP is a good way for the sheriff’s department to recruit talented future officers. The sheriff’s department recently lowered its minimum employment age from 19 to 18.

“For those who are the right fit, the sheriff’s department is a great place for a career,” White said.

About seven of the Sunset students are expected to sign on to join the Sheriff’s Department at a student job fair being held at the high school on May 20. In addition to the sheriff’s department, other employers offering good full-time careers will be at the job fair.

“We want to set all of our students up for success, whether it’s for college or a viable, well-paying career out of high school,” Sterling said. “We are very proud of all of our students.”


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