mySchool: Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy (video)


Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy is creating the leaders of the future today.

Bryan Adams leadership program instills in students six skills necessary to be true leaders:

  • Communicate effectively and persuasively
  • Manage projects effectively
  • Think critically
  • Solve problems resourcefully
  • Express themselves creatively
  • Collaborate productively

Students entering Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy choose from five pathways or endorsements that serve as their career aspirations. The school is continuing to expand its endorsement options, with computer science and biomedical paths coming in the fall.

“With the computer science program, I will have an opportunity I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else,” said Caleb, a future chemical engineer and BA sophomore. “It gives you the opportunity to dip your feet in the field and see if it’s for you. It also allows you to get a head of the competitors in the field.”

As part of the leadership academy, every student develops a portfolio of exemplary work and presents it in front of a panel before graduation. Every student receives intensive support from staff to prepare for their presentation.

“When I found out I was going to present my best work in front of a panel to graduate, I was scared at first,” said Morgan, a future businessman and BA freshman. “But then I realized it’s for the best for me. They’re trying to get me ready for the future.”

Bryan Adams is still neighborhood school with a proud tradition of athletics, band, the arts, and more. Combine the neighborhood school offerings with the leadership program model, and Principal Richard Kastl said great things happen.

“Your child will graduate with the confidence and skills to seek and solve the complex problems of the world,” he said. “Just as importantly, Bryan Adams will instill in your child the skills they need to be the future leaders of tomorrow.”

Please note: Dallas ISD recently made it easier for staff and students to access Youtube for professional and academic purposes. Here is how to view the above Youtube video: Staff signed into YouTube with their Google login (district email and EAD password) will have unrestricted access to YouTube. Staff signed into Chrome browser or a Chrome device will not be required to enter credentials for YouTube again, but may need to click the sign in button in the top right corner of the YouTube page to gain unrestricted access.


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