Preparing Global Citizens: What to know about Dallas ISD’s two-way dual-language program


As part of Dallas ISD’s effort to provide choices for families, the district has been expanding its two-way dual-language program, which helps prepare students for success in the global workforce.

Here is what to know about the two-way dual-language program.

What is a two-way dual-language program?

A two-way dual-language program puts Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students in the same classroom, teaches them the same curriculum in both languages, and creates bilingual, bicultural and biliterate students.

Over the course of a day in a two-way dual-language classroom, Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students are taught together certain subjects (such as science) in Spanish and other subjects (such as math) in English.

How many schools offer a two-way program?

As of this school year, 27 Dallas ISD schools offer a two-way program. More than 30 additional schools could offer a two-way program next year.

Who is eligible to enroll in the two-way program?

Students in pre-K through first grade are eligible to enroll in the program. The program extends as students advance from grade level to grade level and allows for development in their first and second language.

As students get older, it is much harder for them to successfully enter the two-way program unless they have been exposed to Spanish as an English speaker. In addition, research proves that younger students acquire a new language faster. Therefore, the earlier a student is involved in the two-way program, the more they are able to reap the benefits of the program.

What is the student makeup in a two-way classroom?

The classrooms aim to have a fairly even split of students who are dominant Spanish speaking and dominant English speaking.

What schools offer two-way dual language programs?

Click here to see a list of current schools that offer two-way programs; click here to see a list of proposed schools that could offer two-way programs next year.

Where can I learn more about the two-way program?

A two-way informational fair is scheduled for April 9th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Townview High School, 1201 E 8th St. Click here to visit the two-way homepage for more information.


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