Irma Rangel wins $15,000 LULAC Leadership Grant


Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School has been selected as one of four school councils to receive a $15,000 grant from the 2016 !Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC program. The grant will provide Rangel students with leadership curriculum and courses to enable them become leaders in their communities after college graduation.

Through Rangel’s active LULAC chapter, enrollment into the leadership program through the grant will begin the first week of February. Upon acceptance, students will begin courses and programs using the Texas Association of Secondary School Principal’s Leadership Curriculum. They will study topics such as defining leadership, etiquette classes, resume building, personal organization and team building and will have the opportunity to be exposed to career options in different fields.

The success of the !Adelante! America program is due to the local school councils that go the extra mile to engage their community and provide students with quality leadership opportunities. The programming for Latino students grades 8-12 cultivates optimism, builds resilience and improves academic skills with the goal of successful high school completion.


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