Trustee Spotlight: Miguel Solis


Miguel Solis is a member of the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees representing District 8, which includes Love Field, Northwest Dallas, and Central West Dallas.

Trustee Solis has served on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees since 2013. During this time, he has filled the role of board president and is currently the first vice president.

When asked about the work he has dedicated himself to, he shared his goal to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“I hope that my time as a Dallas ISD teacher, central staff member and trustee will have contributed to the collective effort by numerous stakeholders to close the significant achievement gap our children face. Specifically, I hope our collective efforts will have improved the quality of and support for our educators, increased the amount of children receiving early childhood services, and opened up multiple choices for students to receive a 21st century education preparing them for college and a career. “

All this month, Dallas ISD has joined districts across the state to recognize these tireless public officials to thank them for their service. This year’s theme for School Board Recognition Month is “Super Heroes for Schools.” When asked to recall important educators in his life, Solis fondly remembers several.

“A group of superheroes made a significant impact on my life. I guess you could refer to them as the Justice League of Educators. First, Mrs. Prihoda, my 10th grade English teacher, taught me to believe more in my capabilities and to dream big. She helped me transfer from her basic English course to Pre-AP in order to maximize the potential she saw in me,” Solis said. “Second, the 8-C team of teachers I was paired with as a rookie teacher at Marsh Middle School, Colleen Lowry, Suzanne Blaney, Juanita Silva, and Melissa Roberts. This group of phenomenal veteran educators helped me become a successful teacher equipped to unlock my students’ unlimited capacity for success.”


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