Trustee Spotlight: Dan Micciche


Dan Micciche serves on the Dallas ISD School Board representing District 3, which includes Northeast Dallas.

Trustee Micciche spent several years leading a community partnership with James Fannin Elementary School. When asked to recall a memorable educator, his thoughts turn to those teachers he met there.

“If I had to pick one teacher, I would say Ms. Uranga, who taught at Fannin. Like so many teachers, she worked extremely hard, was committed and passionate, went the extra mile in so many ways for kids, had an optimistic view, and would do anything to help her students and challenge them,” Micciche said. “She was selected as Teacher of the Year at the school. I only learned years later from one of my coworkers that she had been a college professor but decided to become an elementary school teacher because she saw that many of her college students lacked the basic math foundation that they should have gotten in elementary school. So she decided that’s where she was needed most.”

Micciche has a heart for education and those who dedicate their lives serving students. His mother and sister were both 30-year public school employees.

In honor of School Board Recognition Month, a parent at Victor H. Hexter Elementary in District 3, wrote this on the school’s PTA Facebook page:

“Dan Micciche: The things you have done for District 3 cannot be measured. You have fought for the underdog and rallied and fought for those who have no voice. You are our biggest fan and a genuine advocate for our children. I could not think of a better representative of our district and an all-around wonderful human being. Cheers to you, Mr. Micciche. Thank you for your service.”

When asked how he’d like to be remembered, he replied, “To have lived up to these kind words.”


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