Longtime teacher assistant finally has classroom of her own (video)


After 20 years working as a teacher assistant at Ben Milam Elementary School, Claudia Rodriguez has achieved her dream of becoming a teacher. After recently finishing her bachelor’s degree, she obtained a teaching certificate and now has a classroom of her own.

“My journey to become a teacher was long, and it had its ups and downs,” Rodriguez says. “There were many sleepless nights, it was stressful days, hard work. But I was resilient, and I finished my bachelor’s degree in education at the University of North Texas at Dallas.”

Milam Principal Anna Gamez said that she and the staff are proud that Rodriguez was able to fill one of the bilingual teacher vacancies at the school.

“The value she brings is that she’s an incredible role model to our students, our teachers and our parents,” Gamez said. “They see she saw the importance of an education. So they know an education is important for their children, and she has modeled that for the community.”


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