Nurses help the heartbeat of the district


When Dallas ISD learned this time last year that five students had been exposed to the Ebola virus, school nurses were among the individuals who stepped up to help guide the district through the crisis.

From explaining the difference between Ebola and influenza to erasing the myths around the Ebola virus, Dallas ISD nurses went the extra mile in providing quality information to the community.

“The school nurses at those five campuses were invaluable in preventing a panic,” said Leigh Pelletier, a Dallas ISD nurse supervisor. “They became Ebola experts overnight and quelled fears of families and staff members. I really believe Dallas ISD employs some of the best nurses and our skills really shone during this crisis.”

For a registered nurse who wants to make a difference every day, Dallas ISD still has several open nursing positions. Pelletier said the job is incredibly rewarding, and encouraged registered nurses to apply.



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