Bush Elementary students get something to smile about


On Sept. 26, at George H.W. Bush Elementary, Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities and DECA Dental Group will kick off a new partnership that will provide underserved children in Dallas with free dental care.

More than 500 third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade Bush students will receive a free dental screening in the school gym, which the group will convert to a “dental lab” for the event. Dentists will conduct the screenings, and the students can receive ongoing dental treatments at three DECA Dental locations over the next six months, free of charge.

Healthy teeth factor significantly in a child’s ability to eat and speak properly, their level of self-confidence, and their overall health.

“Teaching children about brushing and flossing today may help them avoid complicated dental procedures tomorrow,” NFL legend Emmitt Smith said in a statement.

After their screenings, students and their families will visit the auditorium for games and activities, including a pep rally program to emphasize the importance of good dental health.


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