Dallas ISD streamlines school leadership structure


The Dallas Independent School District announced today that the management structure of the School Leadership Department has been realigned to create more efficient and streamlined processes and improve communication. The new configuration eliminates the structure that divided the district into five divisions.

This change transitions the responsibilities of five assistant superintendents to two deputy chiefs who will work together to support the district’s 22 feeder pattern executive directors. One deputy chief position is already filled by Stephanie Elizalde. Israel Cordero, former assistant superintendent for Division 5, has been selected to serve in the second deputy chief position.

“We want to ensure that our systems and structure are designed in a way that will best support principals and their schools,” said Chief of School Leadership Robert Bravo. “This structure encourages greater collaboration by creating a single unit to coordinate the work of the executive directors rather than five separate divisions.”

The adjustment to the department’s organizational structure comes on the heels of a listening tour Interim Superintendent Michael Hinojosa conducted upon returning to Dallas ISD. The qualitative information collected during the superintendent’s meetings with more than 100 individuals highlighted concerns about the structure of School Leadership that needed to be addressed in order for the district to move forward successfully in a number of areas.

“When I learn of an inefficiency, it’s incumbent upon me to address it,” said Hinojosa. “The executive leadership team was charged with recommending to me a solution that would ensure our systems proactively support schools in the areas of increasing achievement, improving instruction and strengthening communication, which these changes accomplish.”

The changes in organizational structure also improve support for Imagine 2020 and ACE schools and elevates the district’s focus on professional development.


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