Student: Perception Survey allowed ‘my voice to be heard’ (video)


Administrators have traditionally measured classroom effectiveness through classroom observations, looking for signs of successful student engagement, effective instruction, and a productive yet respectful student-teacher dynamic.

One of the clearest indicators of teacher effectiveness are the students themselves. Third- through twelfth-graders this school year were asked age appropriate questions through confidential surveys, seeking information about whether their teacher encourages them and if the classroom environment is one that is welcoming.

“The student surveys allow for my voice to be heard by the teachers as well as the administrators of the school and the district,” said Kendell Long, a twelfth-grade student at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. “It provided the opportunity for the students’ voice to be heard and to provide that praise and helpful criticism that the teachers don’t always get to hear.”

Results from the first Dallas ISD extensive survey of students show that a strong majority of students said their teacher encouraged them to do their best; their teacher set high expectations; and their teacher clearly presented the information they needed to learn. Click here to see the compiled results to the student survey for grades 3–5, and click here to see the survey results for grades 6–12.


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