TEA: District in compliance with fingerprinting and background check laws


A report from the Texas Education Agency finds that Dallas ISD is now in compliance with state fingerprinting and background check laws.

The report, issued Feb. 25, states that Dallas ISD successfully addressed issues of concern raised last fall. The report also recommends that TEA continue to work with Dallas ISD by providing a monitor to ensure the district remains in full compliance with fingerprinting and background check laws.

“While the district has taken significant strides to come into compliance with state fingerprinting laws, this is an area that needs constant vigilance,” Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles said. “The safety of our students should never be compromised and we appreciate TEA’s guidance and continued assistance in helping the district both achieve and maintain compliance in this critical area.”

TEA began an investigation in September into Dallas ISD’s fingerprinting practices. At the time, TEA determined more than 99 percent of district employees had a proper fingerprint and background record. However, TEA found issues related to record keeping and the kinds of background checks required for different classes of employees.

From September to November, the Dallas ISD Human Capital Management department worked with TEA to answer all concerns raised by the agency regarding fingerprinting laws and requirements for educators.  On Nov. 21, 2014, the district received a communication from TEA indicating that the district had successfully addressed previous issues of concern and is now in full compliance.

“Dallas ISD recognizes that allegations of incomplete background check records raises questions for our parents and community members,” Miles said. “This is another area where the district has tightened its processes and procedures, and we are confident that this will not be an issue in the future.”


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