VIDEO: District showcases more than 100 athletes’ college signings


Today, more than 100 Dallas ISD student-athletes and their families gathered at Ellis Davis Field House to celebrate athletic signings to colleges and universities across the country.

National College Signing Day highlights the achievement of student athletes while encouraging their commitment to higher learning. When asked what this occasion means to students and their families, Dallas ISD Athletic Director said this:

“I think what we try to do is make it a big highlight, we to try to celebrate with them their accomplishments,” said Dallas ISD Director Gil Garza. “They’re parents make a tremendous amount of sacrifice in four years of high school athletics, and so we want to recognize them as well. We want to honor them. We want to show them our appreciation and it’s a big, big deal for the students.”

Garza said, “I know when I was in high school, and I signed a college scholarship, it was my mom and dad around the kitchen table and there wasn’t a lot of fanfare, but there is here, and it’s important for us to honor them and make them feel special because they are.”

Dreams are coming true for these stellar athletes both on and off the field.

NOTE: The full listing of signings can be found here

See a photo gallery of this year’s signees.

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