Personalized Learning ready to launch


It’s been months of intense planning, development and incubation for eight teams working to establish Personalized Learning (PL) models throughout Dallas ISD. Now that hard work will soon come to fruition.

The cohort teams presented PL plans last week to a panel of Dallas ISD senior leadership. Following a rigorous vetting process, the Office of Transformation and Innovation announced today that five of the eight teams were selected to move forward with implementation and will launch their plans next fall.

The teams selected to launch their plans are William C. Cabell Elementary, Dan D. Rogers Elementary, Ignacio Zaragoza Elementary, T.C. Marsh Preparatory Academy and a new high school proposal.

“We are encouraged by the bold and transformative ideas put forth by the personalized learning teams,” said Chief of Transformation and Innovation Mike Koprowski. “We’re eager to see those ideas come to fruition and look forward to the next stage of the work.”

Personalized Learning is an instructional approach focused on transforming the traditional classroom through a one-size-fits-one learning model, something that, according to Ashley Bryan, director of planning and special projects in Dallas ISD, is a unique way to give every child what they need in a way that works best for them.

“In a personalized learning model, you might see students in small groups working on activities that are specifically designed to meet their individual needs,” said Bryan. “Students may rotate through different types of settings like small-group instruction, independent work time, or collaborative project time with peers to master the content.”

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